Clean the solar panels occasionally using warm water and a sponge to ensure maximum exposure. Make sure to dry/remove excess water from the solar panel screens. Solar panels can become incredibly hot when placed in direct sunshine, so we recommend cleaning the solar panels in the morning or late afternoon.

Over time, the inside of your MEBU will collect dirt. The unit is waterproof so we recommend that when changing your MEBU skin, you clean the inside using compressed air or water.

Your MEBU requires direct sunlight to thoroughly charge the battery.

If your vehicle is parked inside (garage, shaded area, etc), we recommend that you keep your MEBU plugged into the 12V outlet when driving your vehicle.

If the battery is not charged via the solar panels (direct sunlight) or the charging cable provided, it will deplete and lose the ability to hold a charge. Running the battery flat will likely damage the battery permanently.

Please take extra care when entering parkades, shopping malls and any areas that enforce height restrictions. We highly recommend that you lower your MEBU before entering these locations.

Should your remote stop working or there’s an issue with your battery, you may lower or raise your MEBU using the manual override and the key you received with your remote.

We recommend that you bring your MEBU in every 3 months for a checkup to ensure that all components are working perfectly.

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